testERIN  – Houston, TX.

As a Certified Natural Healthcare Professional myself, my eating disorder was a special source of shame.  I thought about my body and food 24/7.  I even dreamed about it.

I had major mood swings, bloating, stomach pains, and  anxiety.  I lived in baggy sweats, avoided my friends and endured the mind torture that only an eating disorder can bring.  I was chubby despite my crazy workout schedule and felt depressed enough to crawl into bed and cry most afternoons.

The crazy binges and food obsession made me feel like such a fraud, staring across the room at the clients in my care.  I could solve their complicated health problems successfully – but not my own.  I felt like a failure – and fears of being found out by colleagues, clients and friends consumed me.

I knew I had to find a way out ASAP or this eating disorder would be the end of me.  Out-patient treatment, hypnotherapy, homeopathy, detoxes, cleanses, flower essences, psychics and supplements – nothing worked. And then… I found SALT ED FREEDOM.

Today I have broken the chains of my eating disorder – and I am FREE. I am truly happy!! For the first time ever, life is light, bright and fun! No more crazy demon voice in my head tormenting me.  I’m my true, silly, weird self and I don’t care who doesn’t get it! I am in love with my new FREE body – no more crazy cravings or obsessive thoughts.

My husband and I are more in love than ever and we are in the process of adopting a baby! I know now that I can raise a daughter who is strong, confident and independent – because in my freedom, that’s exactly who I am! I am saying “Yes!” to the path I so clearly see for my life.  I’m a competitive athlete, Crossfit coach, wife and mother-to-be and nothing is holding me back.


christinaCHRISTINA – Wheatland, CA.

Everyday of my eating disorder always started off the same – checking my hip bones and thighs to make sure that I had successfully purged the previous day’s binge foods.  

Diet Pepsi, Skittles, M&M’s – everything I craved came at a cost… daytime starvation.  I would get through my work day, comforted by the thought that I could eat my face off once I got home.

I remember my son asking me to play monster trucks with him, or my husband asking for some QT hang-out time with me – but instead I opted for hiding in the pantry, secretly stuffing my face + then  “taking a shower” so I could purge it all.  My relationships were a train wreck – I never felt loved or understood because the “fake me” persona kept everyone at arms length.  My life was depressing, dark and small.

Today I am totally FREE from my eating disorder.  Not recovered… free. No more anxiety, depression, perfectionism or constant struggle around food.  My relationship with food is fun and anxiety free.  I know my strengths, I have a life purpose, I love my body and I’ve rekindled my passions!  I have an encouraging and calm inner voice that motivates me.  I know I can do anything that I want to do… and I’m saying “Yes!” to it all.


lisaLISA – Santa Monica, CA.

Since the age of 15, I’d lived a life that revolved completely around food – constantly analyzing what I was eating, what I’d eat next, what I had left to eat for the day, eating only “safe” foods, planning my binge frenzies + my post-binge restriction.  Weighing myself constantly triggered purging.  My inability to socialize around food caused extreme isolation – with no real human contact for weeks at a time.

As a Naturopathic Doctor myself I had no shortage of “information” with which to whip myself into an analytical mania.  I tried every diet paradigm from raw vegan to paleo and every food intolerance test available to decipher what my body wanted.  But all these rules – only served to trap me.

Inside SALT ED FREEDOM I got clarity, insight, accountability + an energy boost with every private call.  I loved that this program wasn’t cookie-cutter or a remix of old information and overused platitudes.  It pushed me way outside my comfort zone, and equipped me to created real change in my life.

Today I’m FREE.  I see myself as a confident, interesting and unique person, who’s more discerning about who will contribute to my life vs whether I will do and say the “right things” to impress someone else.   I don’t have that private shame of  “If they only knew what I did in private” anymore.  I know I am powerful, real + can handle anything life throws at me.  I’m that girl with pink hair, living in Santa Monica, who does yoga with P!NK and finds it hard to stay at home.


angelicaANGELICA – Boston, MA.

When I met SALT I hated my body.  Obsessing over “good vs bad” food, and consumed by the internal chatter about what others thought of me.

My pendulum swung wildly between restricting and bingeing, overexercising and laxatives… my whole life revolved around what I ate and what I looked like.  Even though I was a singer, songwriter, guitar player – ED took precedence over everything in my life.  I loved it more than I loved my music, myself and my God.

After been born 20 weeks early {at a tiny 1lb 3oz!) and not expected to live past 24 hours, I learned from an early age that I had to fight for what I wanted.  But after nutrition counselling, countless therapy sessions and support groups – I was still spinning.  I had convinced myself that my eating disorder wasn’t that bad, despite several blackouts, close calls and trips to the ER.

Standing in complete FREEDOM from my eating disorder, I’ve said goodbye to perfectionism, depression, anxiety, toxic inner voices and the food rituals that held me hostage for so many years. I love my body and I no longer have the dichotomy of good vs. bad food.  I’m having a blast running road races, going out with friends + I’ve even released my first ep on iTunes!

Today I live fearlessly.  Sharing who I really am with the world, living out my artistic passions + spreading the truth about the love of Jesus.  I trust that God loves me and is always with me – my new life of FREEDOM is a gift to us both.


allisonALLISON – Boulder, CO.

I used to think about food – non stop – all the time. I was afraid of food, avoided food and hated food… every day.  Unhappy with my body and constantly dieting + restricting, my everyday was “juicing in the morning” and “bingeing at night”.

I always beat myself up, nothing was ever good enough and my lack of willpower was a constant let down.  I tried group therapy, psychology  sessions and even Overeaters Anonymous – nothing worked.  And then I found SALT.

Inside of SALT ED FREEDOM I became the driver along my own journey to FREEDOM… and I found it!  Now I am confident in who I am.  I’ve let go of other people’s expectations, and transformed my whole life! I’ve learned that being free is never just about what you eat.

I discovered that my procrastination, self-hate and anxiety were fuelling my ED everyday, and that they stemmed from letting other people tell me what to do and who to be!  No more! No matter what happens in my life now, I have a deep love for myself and a confidence in my ability to bounce-back.  I am no longer haunted by old ED thoughts… ever.


sydneySYDNEY – Ottawa, ON.

Every day inside my eating disorder was all about lies, guilt, self-hatred, sadness and anxiety.  I looked like a sickening stick figure with no muscle tone and popping veins.  It hurt to sit down, my hair fell out, my period stopped, I could barely sleep at night and I was exhausted all the time.

I tried to outrun it – moving from city to city, but it followed me everywhere.  I convinced myself that being “busy” with support groups, counselors and meal plans, meant that I was making progress – but the truth was I didn’t have the tools to get a grip on it.

My friends + family tried to “cure me”.  Sat with me during meal times, drove me to Dr. appts, paid for treatment.  But the guilt over my failed recovery attempts just drove me deeper.  Purging supervised meals, throwing out packed lunches and carrying a scale in my backpack so I could weigh myself at a whim – I was in deep. Getting kicked out of an inpatient treatment facility was my rock bottom – I didn’t follow the rules so I wasn’t worth saving.

Now that I’ve claimed total FREEDOM from my eating disorder I  see myself in a whole new light.  I love who I am.  I love who I’m becoming! I appreciate the little things and see the positive in everything. My confidence grows each time I bust through my fears – and I chase those suckers down!  I am unstoppable.  I treat my body with nourishing food, love and compliments, and I’m thankful that she forgives me for all the ways I hurt her.  Today I’m hanging with real friends, enjoying spontaneous adventures and kicking butt in dance, gymnastics and wakeboarding!  My life is mine and I’m living it.


stefanieSTEF – Lake Mary, FL.

My eating disorder was like a merry go round that I couldn’t get off.  It just kept taking me to the same place over and over again.  A dark and lonely place, full of screaming voices telling me I was worthless and unloved.  I was a chameleon; constantly changing who I was depending on whose approval I was trying to get.  I had created my own personal hell.

I loved it when people acknowledged me for “being so thin” – even though I never really believed them.  I would eat normally in public – and then sneak away to my secret food stash to stuff my face  – that way my puking episodes felt “worth it”.   I weighed myself after each purge – and got a sick satisfaction knowing that I was wasting away and dying. Food was my security blanket – I felt lost without it.

I tried group therapy, nutritionists, psychologists and bookstore research… and after many failed attempts I finally found SALT.  Five months later… I was FREE.

Today I am loud.  I don’t hesitate to speak my beliefs or my ideas.  I am closer to God, which brought my whole family closer together too.  I am a Super Mom – and I instill core values into my 4 beautiful girls every day. I see food as fuel instead of ‘the enemy’.  My body is a powerhouse for performance at the gym… no more staring blankly at the calories burned reading.  Blech.  Best of all – there are zero twisted voices living in my head – I kicked those suckers out… for good.


kristaKRISTA – Victoria, BC.

I found a letter I wrote to myself about a “day-in-the-life of my eating disorder”… it details the mental fog, depression, self-hatred, exhaustion, body chills, enamel breaks and “feeling fat” torture that followed me every day.  I was numb, and jealous of everyone who seemed to have a happy life.

The letter outlines the hours I spent everyday counting calories, bingeing, purging, restricting, hiding, and fearing being caught.  The hoards of money I wasted on binge food, scales and diet pills that destroyed my body, or ended up in the trash and the toilet!

To escape my ED I tried going raw, but that didn’t stop the voices.  I tried counseling through my University – but there was a 6 month waiting list. I did lots of research in the library about ED too… but truth be told it only satisfied my morbid curiosity and plunged me deeper into it.  By the time I found SALT I had almost surrendered to a forever “life” doomed inside an eating disorder … almost.

Reading the letter now, standing in total FREEDOM from my eating disorder,  I can’t help but give myself a full on “double fist pump in the air!! Go me!!”  Now I LOVE myself and my life! WOOT WOOT!  No more binge eating, purging, overexercising, perfectionism, depression or anxiety!  I finally see that I am valuable.  I have worth.  I am no better or worse than every other human being – and we all deserve love and belonging – including me!

I extend my whole heart to everyone and have real relationships that fill me up.  My inner voice is one of love and respect.  I have BIG dreams for my future (I have a future!!).  My body is an instrument for a greater purpose.  Thank you body for walking, talking, breathing, loving, smelling, hearing, crying, smiling, moving, swimming and hugging!  I am shame-free, fully self-expressed, imperfections and all… and what I get in return for being all that… is love.

When I found SALT I had a serious food obsession.  Staying home alone to eat fast food for comfort.  Bingeing, purging, dieting, insecure, depressed, feeling guilt, shame and a lack of connection with others.  I tried nutrition counselling, psychologist sessions and reading self-help books, but couldn’t shake my eating disorder.

As a social worker myself, I attached a lot of self-worth to my role in helping others – but my disorder kept me self-focused, distracted and chasing esteem in all the wrong roles.  Now that I’m FREE from my eating disorder, I don’t remotely consider harming myself anymore.  When I feel sad or bad in any way, I know how to experience the emotion and then let it go.  I feel in control of my own life.  I am FREE.

I love myself (I never thought I could say that), I love my body (ditto!), I don’t feel guilty about eating any kind of food and I’m motivated to take care of myself and my nutrition!  I don’t take things personally anymore – I feel peaceful.

Any woman who goes into this program open to change and prepared to do the work – will find FREEDOM.  With how I feel about myself, my life and my relationships as a result – I would pay the tuition again 10X over.