Why is your program called SALT ED FREEDOM?

Beyond the obvious that my name is SALT and “ED” stands for “Eating Disorder” the name also represents a refusal to accept the pathetic goal of symptom freeze that “recovery” has come to represent.

When a woman is no longer actively bingeing, starving, or throwing up… and when her weight + height measure the right quadrant on a chart – they call her a “treatment success”.  Well I call her “the walking dead”.

WHY? Because these periods of “recovery” are typically just a temporary lull in the expression of her always present internal chaos, toxic programming and self-disrespect… she just stopped telling us about it!  And the statistical normality of relapse – is just around the corner!

In SALT ED FREEDOM – We take a stand for 100% FREEDOM.  Run of the mill symptom freezes + relapse-recovery-rollercoasters just don’t cut it.

Can you tell us more about Recovery vs. FREEDOM?



  • “One day at a time – I can do this.”
  • “I wonder what they think of me now?”
  • “Just follow the rules – and it will all be ok.”
  • “I hope I don’t relapse – again.”
  • “I’m good enough, I’m good enough…”
  • “If I just count my calories and follow my meal plan I’ll stay on track.”


How is this different than traditional treatment?

There is nothing else out there like this program.  SALT ED FREEDOM is a holistic,  five-month, self-directed eating disorder treatment program made up of food truths,  identity shifts and live-out-loud freedom distinctions that empower every client to individually customize their treatment journey and save their own life!

No weigh-ins.  No forced feedings.  No controlling rules.  No cookie-cutter advice.  No behind-your-back updates.  No mood-numbing pharmaceuticals. No secret spying.  No “saving you” from yourself.

Inside SALT ED FREEDOM you are the driver of your own FREEDOM.  I hand you the keys – and you hit the gas.


How do I know I am a good fit for this program?

This program was specifically designed for you if you’re a brave, rebellious, truth-seeking adult woman, who is still stuck after years of talk-it-out therapy, whose exhausted the bookstore self-help section, failed at a million “holy grail” diets and detests group therapy cuz it feels like a teenage wasteland of “girls” you don’t relate to.

It’s for you if your obsessive thoughts about body image, “good + bad” foods and what others think of you are suddenly striking you as a wasted life – and you’re ready to take responsibility for all your choices – even the ones you’ve previously played the victim to.

This program is not for women who offer up excuses, want to be told what to do, cling to self-imposed limitations, enjoy their victim bandwagons and don’t want to be called on their crap.

You are so much BIGGER than you think – and I’m talking to that version of you – from day 1.


What is your proof that this program works?

Well.. my proof is the client success stories!! Not only have the eating disorder treatment secrets in this program saved my life, they’ve also equipped many other women, to overcome their own decades of toxic inner voices, food dogma and self-harm rituals, and claim their FREEDOM.

Want proof? Check out their amazing stories above on the PROOF tab. But better yet – why don’t you learn some FREEDOM TRUTHS for yourself! Download my no-cost video training “ED is Feeding on You! Discover the 5 Personality Traits that feed eating disorders… so you can Starve ED + Taste FREEDOM.”


How much does this program cost?

Alot. Yup that’s right – in addition to your program tuition – it’s gonna cost all of your excuses, your bravery, your “stories”, your self-sabotage, your energy and every piece of your BIG heart.

Why do I ask so much of you? Because unless you’ve got skin in the game and something BIG on the line – you’ll stop short of the 100% hustle it takes to claim your FREEDOM.  So yes – I ask you to give this program everything you’ve got.  Because that’s what it’s gonna take – for you to save your own life.


Can I have my own private coach?

Yes!  The main program offers live Radio Show Call-In Coaching directly with SALT + other members of The Freedom Force (you can volunteer to be coached live!) and there is also an optional upgrade to add private weekly coaching calls to your program experience if that’s more your style.

Women who are claiming FREEDOM from eating disorders thrive when they are seen, heard, acknowledged, encouraged, held accountable + celebrated for who they were created to be.  A fully-customized, non-judgemental, private coaching experience with your very own Certified Eating Disorder Freedom Coach provides the environment for exactly that.