Why do people call you SALT?

Ahhh YES!  There’s a lot of deep symbolism behind that. My name is SALT because I …

  • Exfoliate.  I rub off labels and limitations and reveal you unhindered.
  • Disinfect.  I expose, clean + heal wounds
  • Sting.  My “truth slaps” might sting temporarily, but they are motivated by love + induce transformation
  • Topple bandwagons.  I encourage commonly accepted “truths” to be taken with a “grain of salt” and challenged for their validity.
  • I am a child of God.  I am the “SALT of the earth” + God’s hands + feet  in the world.



Which eating disorder did you have?

I HATE labels! They are such a trap… especially for women with eating disorders!! When we don’t “fit” perfectly into a label – we falsely convince ourselves that we aren’t sick enough and don’t need or deserve treatment!!

I think people ask me this because they secretly wonder whether my eating disorder was really “that bad”? To that I say that for 13 years I starved myself, binged my face off, stuck my fingers down my throat, relied on laxatives, exercised compulsively, cut myself, weighed myself hourly, contemplated suicide and cried myself to sleep. So yes – it was that bad.


What do you think caused your Eating Disorder?

Riiiiiight… the “WHY” question.  In my experience, the cause of an eating disorder is never a single event.  It’s a perfect storm of events, that collide to create a shift in identity + ecology, inside which an eating disorder could fester – and in me it did.

Studying “WHY” never gets you out.  Its only standing in 100% FREEDOM that you can look back and see the perfect storm… for me it was the collide of perfectionism, high-school bullying, psychological abuse, competitive athletics + a rebellious spirit that was grossly misunderstood.


What was the “rock bottom” of your eating disorder?

My son Caleb was my rock bottom. I owe him my life.

On the week of Caleb’s first birthday, I finally “got” that my belief in his innate value, beauty + loveable’ness… didn’t jive with my own toxic self perception. I could no longer perpetuate the dichotomy that he was born valuable – but I had to kill myself trying to earn “good enough”.

I decided that – before I poisoned his self-perception through the toxicity of my own – that I had to escape my eating disorder.


What makes you qualified to coach people with ED?

Let’s bust a myth wide open – I don’t believe that you can effectively coach women with eating disorders  just because you “learned it in a text book”.

Yes, I’ve studied Neuro-Linguistic Programming, the Psychology of Eating, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, etc.  Yes, I have a Health Coach Certification from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition… but I don’t consider these credentials the true sources of my qualification.

My own 13 year battle is what really qualifies me. First-hand experience with insider secrets, emotional wrath, toxic beliefs, ritualistic compulsions + food dogma are what a coach really needs to lead eating disordered women to total FREEDOM.



What would someone be
surprised to find out about you?

Hahahaha! Good question!! Ok, let’s see…

  • I have 11 pairs of Converse – and counting.
  • If you went to the gym with me – we’d air drum + lip synch between sets!
  • I’m obsessed with neon post-it notes + leatherbound journals.
  • My favorite breakfast… is dessert!
  • I refuse to dance without making a David Bowie face.
  • I value being heard over being right.
  • I’ve never met a woman who couldn’t be free if she wanted to.


What do you say to the millions still struggling?

If you’re feeling out of control, desperate, exhausted, rejected, and all alone in your eating disorder… wondering if FREEDOM even exists… you aren’t alone!  I get you.  I was you.  I’m here for you.  FREEDOM is real… and you can claim it!

When you’re ready to turn your struggle with a life-sucking eating disorder into unshakeable FREEDOM… to take this tragedy and shape it into your beautiful story of triumph and inspiration that lifts the world up + sets others free…  I’m here to help you make that happen.